We treat transfers as special audio that needs preserving; it’s either one of a kind or out of print material. Your records or tapes may dirty, frail or damaged, so we don’t just turn the machine on and walk away. In addition to a careful pre-transfer evaluation we’ll be carefully listening as your precious audio is being played so as to catch any mechanical problems. It’s a time consuming process, for every minute on your finished CD transfer, we’ll spend four or more. Our no short cuts approach assures that every bit of available audio will be preserved.

Accepted Consumer Formats:
Cassette Tapes C-60 or less $55 on 1 CD
Cassette Tapes C-90 to C-120 $80 on 2 CDs
LP Records $55 on 1 CD - Double Record albums $80 on 2 CDs
Mini Disc (ATRAC format) - $50 up to 74 minutes

Professional Formats:

2 Track or Mono ¼” Reel Studio Masters - $65 up to 50 minutes
DAT Tapes 60 minute or less $65 on 1 CD
DAT Tapes up to 120 minutes $100 on 2 CDs
Specialty Formats Please call for pricing
Open Reel ¼” tape home recordings (all speeds & formats)
‘8 Track’ – the popular 70’s ‘in-car’ tape format
78, 45 and 16 rpm records
Micro cassette

Other Services:
• Output to all popular digital audio formats or as a Pro-Tools session
• Output to DVD • Dolby Decoding • Noise Elimination / Reduction
• Cassette Repair • Tape Baking