Mastering is the final stage of music production before your project is duplicated or replicated. The process acts as the "cohesive glue" that holds your project together by ensuring each song will have consistent volume, EQ and spectral balance. This is acheived by using specialized hardware and software processors that are typically not available in traditional recording studios. In addition to traditional mastering services, Suite Audio can also help restore your old recordings back to their former glory by reducing things such as tape hiss, and removing clicks and pops while increasing clarity and brightness. Call us with any questions.

Suite Audio makes major label quality mastering affordable and flexible and we’ve made it a point to explain the mastering process so that anyone can understand it. We felt this was especially important for customers who “mail in” their projects for mastering. Of course you are also welcome to come in with your project. Either way, we are committed to providing high quality both at technical and customer service levels. From simple Transfers to complete Mastering Packages, Custom Mastering, Restoration, and Forensic Application Restoration, Suite Audio has the key. Please see our list of Mastering Packages for the best deals in the area. If you have questions about the mastering process, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Section.