Live Recording

At Suite Audio, we understand that a traditional recording environment doesn't work for some people, especially a busy musician with alot of live dates. That's why we have created a remote recording setup capable of handling nearly any live event. At the heart of this idea is a custom built 24 channel microphone splitter that has isolated transformers and ground lifts on every output (that's 48 by the way), providing the multitrack recorder with the cleanest possible signal that is available. In addition, if there is a house soundperson, they get their own feed without interfering at all with the recording! At the front end of the system is a brand new 24 channel Soundcraft LX7II that provides more than enough gain even for quiet sounds and a wonderful "British" analogue EQ section that allows you to dial in that perfect sound in no time.

We can supply the mics for your gig or simply augment what a soundperson or venue may have already. Whatever the situation, we'll be ready. To really top off the gig, we do a simultaneous CD mix that can be presented at the end of the event to be used as a reference mix of the performance. From this reference mix, judgements can be made on what to keep, what to throw away and what to fix.The multitrack recorder is an Alesis HD24 XR which records to IDE hard drives which can easily be pulled out of the machine and either transferred to the Pro Tools HD system at Suite Audio or copied to a hard drive for you the customer to work on yourself or at another facility, great flexibility! For additional information, please go to our Contact Page and let us know how we can help you.

Not playing out but would like to record at home or your rehearsal space? Our live rig can go anywhere. Check this out!


Live Recording Samples
Great Caesar-Nice Girl's Lullaby
Evan Purcell-On and On
Jam Camp-Thrush
New Song Church-Dark Days
Lori Cellini-The Heavens are Telling
Kevin D.-The Great Oak