Suite Audio History

Suite Audio owner Bob Nary has been a Connecticut shoreline resident since year one and was first introduced to recording at age 7 when his Mom and Dad gave him a used Ampro reel to reel recorder. From there Bob's inventive flair and love of music and radio, (especailly 1010 WINS New York Rock & Roll pioneer disc jockey Allen Freed) has led him onto a rewarding pathway including a wild & wonderful 20 year career in radio, and a studio owner since 1989.

In the early 60s while serving a 4 year hitch in the USAF, Bob was building powerful tube amplified mobile DJ systems (unheard of at the time) and having a great time as DJ "Hi-Fi Bob" playing gigs on and off the air base. Following the Air Force, Bob attended Career Academy in NY City where he learned his basic announcer chops and earned an FCC 3rd class broadcast license. Before he graduated Bob was hired by WBMI in Meriden Connecticut as a full time staff announcer /DJ, and later became it's Program Director.

In 1968, Bob's radio career took what became a giant step forward when he was hired at WNCH-FM. Shorty after, WNCH-FM was sold and became WPLR. Bob was one of the charter on-air personalities of what soon became a very formidable and extremely popular 'progressive rock' radio station, and remained there into the early 80s. While Bob's primary function at WPLR was that of a full time jock "Doc Rock", he also honed his production and voice over skills self producing countless commercials. And working alongside chief engineer Dan Kelleher, he would perform maintenance on the studio gear and transmitter. Also during that period he further augmented his recording knowledge by taking RIAA courses and Bob collaborated with Professor Neil Offen and built the closed circuit radio station and studios at Briarwood College in Southington. In the later part of the 80's Bob, along with longtime friend and 'PLR colleague Jake Russell, became a joint owner of New Hampshire radio stations WRPT-AM and WMDK-FM in Peterborough where he launched the stations programming and, of course, up-graded the 'crusty' old studio gear.

In 1989 Bob decided it was time to build his own studio, just so he would have one place to catalog his amassed collection of vinyl and have a place to play his records & tapes and just hang out. But, it wasn't long before friends and musicians we seeking him out to help them with their projects. Cassette tapes were a popular format then, but getting good sounding cassettes wasn't easy. After some research, Bob decided the way to go was to install a tower of KABA decks and augment the studio with a quality mixer, out board gear and a DAT recorder. And with that, Doc Rock Digital was born. Soon, customers came for tapes, recording and mastering. Then, realizing the demand for CD’s, he picked up a Marantz CDR-1 and became the first in Connecticut to offer audio CD authoring. A year later in 1994, Bob installed a Sonic Solutions workstation, and with the training and guidance of Sean Penn of Parsons Audio, Doc Rock Digital became the first Connecticut studio to offer professional level CD authoring and mastering.

Throughout the 90’s Bob was concurrently looking for a new home for his studio. One that would afford more space, natural light and other amenities that the old studio lacked. In 1998 he found and bought a 4.5-acre parcel tucked away by itself in the woods in Clinton, Connecticut. Four years later the new studio was ready. Once moved, Bob set out to update and upgrade his gear. With mastering and recording technologies his focal point, he again sought out the help and expertise of “Sales Weasel” Rick Scott at Parson’s Audio. Taking a full 6 months to ponder over the myriad of great equipment available, choices were finally made, and equipment was acquired and installed. With that all in place Suite Audio was born.

Fast forward to 2007 and Bob's path cross with an engineer named Tony Thomas, fresh out of the trenches of a bustling studio located near Seattle, Washington.Tony Thomas hails from the Heartland, a small town in Iowa where he was always fascinated by music. He began drums at an early age and progressed onto more instruments throughout his formative years. After graduating from college in 1992, he found himself immersed in the music scene of Lexington, Kentucky which also saw him branch out from just playing, to becoming involved with live sound and live recording. As things progressed, he moved out of the spotlight and into a comfortable chair behind the board. In 1996 after amassing an impressive home studio, he got his first professional engineering gig at Sunlite Music and Studios in Owensboro, Kentucky. Throughout the rest of the 90's he maintained a busy schedule of studio dates and live sound gigs within the southern states.

In 2001, after moving to the Seattle area and working in the audio/video industry, he began a partnership with Pacific Studios. The hectic little studio provided a wealth of experiences. Everything from local and regional musicians to audio production for small and large businesses alike. It wasn't long until the space became too small and the hunt for a newer, larger facility was underway. April of 2002 saw the beginning of the new Pacific Studios while the old location continued to operate 7 days a week. 15 months later in July of 2003, the new facility was completed and opened for business. The new complex included 2 recording studios, video production, graphic design and duplication all under one roof.

Despite a successful studio, Tony and his wife longed to see the country and relocated to the beautiful coastal town of Madison, Connecticut. These days you'll find Bob and Tony buried in one project or another, keeping their backs to the plow and an ear to the street for new work. The first project was updating the studio and gear and expanding the services which brings us to the present day. Come explore the website to find out who we are and what we've done. Welcome to the world of Suite Audio.